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Function Catering Melbourne

Tandoori Flames offers catering for functions in Melbourne

People in Melbourne love celebrations, no matter how big or small they are. You never know when a small celebration in your backyard turns into a huge celebration with an uncountable number of guests. However, preparing for a grand celebration is a hectic task for time deficient Melbournians. Preparing food for so many people, decorations, and engaging the guests are things that not many hosts can manage at one time.

We Take Care Of It All For You.

Tandoori Flames can ease most of your discomforts related to preparing for a celebration with its function catering in Melbourne. They can take care of anything from planning the event to cleaning the mess.

That means Tandoori Flames will take care of the pre-planning, managing the event and cleaning the place after the function, giving you enough time to gossip with your girlfriends over a cocktail or impress your boss with a few magic tricks.

We hire only the best caterers, party organisers, managers, and bouncers. It means that you’ll have the best quality, tasty food served to your guests in a fun and relaxed environment. The party will remain full of energy and the bouncers will make sure of no nuisance.

Taking the stress out of function planning

Above all, your head will remain clear; you don’t have to worry about “is everything alright in the party?” as the best event catering business in Melbourne is taking care of you.


Tandoori Flames, over the years, has provided catering for thousands of happy guests. Being the best caterer in Melbourne serving Indian food, we often remain booked for weeks.


So if you think we are the perfects guys for your next function, book us for the day and stop worrying.

Although you’re always welcome to come to one of our restaurants for booking catering for functions, you can always call us and talk to our cuisine specialist for an estimate.


Call us today on 1800 717 616 to discuss your Indian function requirements.


Let our experts help you today!


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